key features

  • Pick & Pack
  • Pallet Storage
  • Billing & Invoicing



Picking routes are optimised based on Warehouse layout, so much of the legwork is done at Warehouse set up. Routes are generated minimising time spent and distance travelled in the Warehouse.

Mail Notification

Capricorn mail notification allows you to update customers and management with notifications from various different warehouse events.


Orders can be cancelled at any point all the way up to final dispatch. Capricorn can generate a Putaway route for the cancelled order to re-stock or following orders can pick directly from the cancelled order, maximising efficiency.

Inventory Control

Stock is tracked end-to-end, allowing a complete and accurate record of stock expiry dates and batch codes. A variety of stock reports allow you to manage your warehouse and an automated pallet rotation/swap system allows you to keep the right stock in the right location ready to be picked.

Order Processing

Order processing allows you to release multiple orders all with a single click, simplifying your distribution.

User Security

Full user security allows Management to keep track of who's doing what. Various levels of security settings can be used to stop mistakes being made on the ground and maximise efficiency.


Manage multiple Warehouses all in one system, pick simultaneously from all of your Warehouses at once or specify a single one to pick from.


Capricorn allows you to maximise all of your warehouse space, some of which you may simply use to store pallets for customers. With Capricorn you have full flexibility for how you want to bill. Pallets can be billed at a frequency of your choosing and you have the ability to apply discounts and credits where you choose.

Billing and Invoicing is as simple as can be in Capricorn. You have the option to produce invoices directly from the software with a full breakdown of all charges, or you may integrate your billing with Sage.

There's a huge variety of custom charges you can modify as well as individual customer discounts and credits.


Automated FTP Import Support

Capricorn supports automated FTP import of orders, get in touch for more details.


Billing and invoicing can be done direct from Capricorn or you may export directly into Sage.

Documention & Invoicing

Documentation including packing lists. Invoicing can be run at intervals of your choosing, individual charges can be modified for a variety of events including order dispatch/processing, pallet storage, pallet movements etc. Specific discounts or credits can also be applied to specific customers to tailor your service.

Crystal Reports

Capricorn uses Crystal Reports for all report presentation. This allows the user to view reports without mandatory printing. Crystal also allows exporting to various different file formats for ease of use (including PDF. Excel, HTML files).