Technical Information

  • Technical Specs
  • Hardware & Software Requirements
  • Licensing
  • Backup/Restore
  • Support

The application requires constant stable network connectivity between PC's and the clients central server.

Wide open locations used for warehousing will require coverage fom wireless access points to maintain continuouse handheld devices operation.

Motorola smart wireless barcode devices are supported for scanning operations. Product scanning for picking, packing, goods-in, goods-out and stock movements are supported.

The system is capable of producing location, pallet, tote and product barcodes for output to a thermal barcode printer.

Capricorn is written for use with microsoft operating systems and is driven from an MSSQL Database. Small warehouse systems may utilise MS SQL Express, larger installations will require a full DBMS system

Centralised Windows Server (Min 2008)

MS SQL Express or MS SQL Server (Min 2008)

Windows 7 PC (Min Core i3 Processor & 4GB RAM)

Handheld scanners running Windows Mobile PC

Zebra Thermal Barcode Printers

Capricorn WMS is licensed on a per site basis and will require a centralised license code to operate.

Scanning devices require independent licenses to operate with the WMS and are supplied with the scanning equipment when purchased.

It is the responsibility of the client to arrange a backup strategy which incorporates their required protection period. We are available to provide advice and/or supply the appropriate hardware once descussed.

Microsoft Cloud Storage system has the ability to provide daily backups. This specification assumes the requirement for 7 day rotation but further study is recommended.

Technical Support is provided as an annual contract purchase, with the first year being included in the sale price.

Client training days are provided onsite along with learning material.

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Capricorn is a low-cost WMS but the package cost varies for every customer. Once we've been provided with more information about what the customer needs we can provide a quote. Use our contact form to get in touch or email
A test system can be demonstrated, but a more indepth demonstrations using clients data may take longer to prepare before arival.
Capricorn is produced by Binary Star Ltd, located in Leicester at Unit 5A, 72 Bradgate Street, LE4 0AW.
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